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2020 SEO Blueprint - Special Offer
2020 SEO Blueprint - Special Offer
2020 SEO Blueprint - Special Offer
2020 SEO Blueprint - Special Offer

2020 SEO Blueprint - Special Offer

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Do you want more traffic to your website?

(and who doesn't... but we should discuss reverse SEO if that's what you want :-)

Traffic is the key to succeeding online, ranking in Google and getting sales.

We use this exact blueprint daily with our paying customers and have been refining it over the past 25 years.

  • Developed over 25 years to include the best practices which get you the most reliable results.
  • Used today by our most valuable customers to increase their search engine rankings, which means more business for them.
  • Cut through all the online noise and do only what works so you have more time to run your business and do the things you want.
  • Save time and use our checklist as a secret weapon against your competition so you can outperform and outrank them and they won't see you coming.
  • Get access to our Facebook Group for free community support and future updates so you continue to receive the latest advice and tips to stay ahead of everyone else (once a customer always a customer).

Why spend hundreds of hours guessing and testing methods to increase your visibility online when this blueprint cuts through the noise and saves you time with the exact steps that work?

Unlock the keys to:

  • Offsite optimization so you can get the right kind of links and traffic to your site without risk of being penalized (page 5) 
  • Onsite optimization so all of your content is included in search engine result pages gaining you the most visibility (page 4)
  • Local optimization so your are seen by the local customers that you want to sell your products and services to (page 6)
  • Platform optimization so your site performs at the highest level which means your customers will have a better experience and spend more time on your site (page 7) 
  • Domain optimization so search engines trust your domain which means more traffic to your website and ultimately more sales (page 8)
  • Mistakes to avoid so you have less frustration because you've learned from the experience of other companies at their expense (page 9)

Search engines change their algorithms but our blueprint continues to put our clients at the top. Why? Because we understand the philosophy behind The Internet.

No tricks, gimmicks or magic bullets here, just solid proven tactics. This blueprint will help you focus on what matters so you can succeed.

Sound too good to be true?

It's true!

Because we LOVE small business and entrepreneurial spirit... for a limited-time we are giving this blueprint away for FREE when you just pay shipping and handling.

Why on Earth do you need to pay shipping and handling?

This is a physical product because we don't want it to fall into the wrong hands. Each order is shipped with insurance and a tracking number to guarantee secure delivery.

This roadmap contains sensitive information that we want YOU to have but we don't want your competition to get it. It's hard to keep the lid on information these days and so this is the only way we could ensure that it got to just the right people.

Click the blue "BUY IT NOW" button above, enter your email address and shipping information along with your payment for postage and handling. We'll get it right out to you!


Search engine optimization is both an art and science. We know that everyone will have varying results because they have to implement the steps in the blueprint. That's why you get the online support group and email help from our team. We're offering this tool so you can save time and energy, knowing where to focus your energy without being distracted by all the internet noise. Take the first step and buy it now because you deserve to be in control of your business.